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Founding 1926
The bell of the Sapporo clock tower
It is a shop to hear.
Crafts-related book section on the first floor
There are a lot of old and new Japanese book foreign books.
MARIYA gallery on the third floor
It is available as an exhibition hall of the hobby.
MARIYA crafts classroom on the third floor
It is available as a class meeting place.
The MARIYA handicrafts shop spins a handwoven handle of New Zealand ashufodo company and is an article regular import store.
To spread the creation of the hobby to include a dream in a living…
I opened the Saint Mary handicrafts shop in the birthplace where main room tea (1898-1977) ran printing business in Sapporo Station main street in 1926 (Taisho 15), the corner of the North Sea slate place (1893 founding). The origin of store's name "Saint Mary" is a Japanese folkcraft, "a burr shop" of the playing with a ball hitting with the hand (temari). The existing president is the fourth generation, a great-grandchild of one of the founder. I value the old document with a clock tower (1878 ...) and aim at the making of shop which can feel charm of Sapporo to all of you. There is the current shop in the home place of the main room tea, and you can see even Web, but the store which I built in 1983 (Showa 58) looks forward to the visit by all means.
            MARIYA handicrafts shop president Kota Matsumura

Instagram Saint Mary handicrafts shop formula Instagram MARIYA HANDICRAFTS

Exhibition (I increase when I click an image) from MARIYA gallery this the third-floor

Hatsue Onishi art craft exhibition to color in 3D pikuchua and decoupage

I color it in 3D pikuchua and decoupage
"A Hatsue Onishi art craft exhibition"
A period: From Thursday, June 13, 2019 to 18th Monday
   10:00~18:00 (on the last day until 16:00)
A venue: The third-floor MARIYA gallery
3D pikuchua is one of the technique of dekopaju, but is the crafts work which developed independently now.
Sponsor contact information: tel.090-8270-1481

DMC2019 embroidery exhibition

"DMC2019 embroidery exhibition"
A session: From Thursday, June 27, 2019 to Monday, July 1
A venue: The third-floor MARIYA gallery
I display France, an embroidery work sample of D M sea company and sell an embroidery kit. A reference book, the goods concerned are the first floor. Let alone cross-stitching, there are the collections of designs of the free stitch, too.

Andy re smart Sapporo private exhibition 2018

2019 Andy re smart Sapporo private exhibitions
"Door - to Dimension ~ space-time"
From Friday, July 12, 2019 to 15th Monday
10:00-18:00 (4-day holding)
Look, the art exhibition of the angel to touch it, and to feel to be.
It was born in France sceat roux and displays and sells a work of Andy Lakey (1959-2012) which was active in the United States and goods concerned.
Sponsorship: Andy Lakey Art Gallery TEL.092-841-6655

Bookplate print exhibition

"A bookplate print exhibition"
A session: July, 2019 18 a month from Thursday to Tuesday, July 23
      10:00~18:00 (on the last day until 17:00)
A venue: The third-floor MARIYA gallery
* The bookplate is used in a purpose same as an ownership stamp, and it is put on the insides of a cover of the book, and it is the small print indicating the owner.
* I perform bookplate exchange party in a venue of the exhibit space from 17:30 on Friday, July 19. I look forward to participation.
Sponsorship: Association of Japanese bookplate Hokkaido Branch

Handling crafts item

■I spin a handwoven handle■

I sell the handwoven plane (weaving machine), spinning-wheel (spinning wheel) body and an article, materials.
Product made in New Zealand ashufodo company and Japanese karanko are main.
The custom tailoring of the reed is possible, too.
I perform consultation of the optional installation, repair, the maintenance. Please consult about the other brands.
Spin a container fringe twister drop spindle from spinning wheel train movement spinning wheel fryer bobbin shuttle board shuttle so Ko *keidaihitsujimo suraibahandokadadoramukada handwoven plane rigid he dollar room table room belt weaving machine woolen yarn cotton yarn reed heddle so Ko bobbin winder Tamaki container kasekuri kibo; sesame reference books

■Dyeing dye, assistant, cloth material, article■

I weave a lot of dyeing with vegetable dyes, chemical dyeing dyeing materials collecting handling.
Seiwa and Katsura shop Fine goods (miyako dyeing) are main.
A lot of dyeing with vegetable dyes trees and plants flower tips safflower madder a kind of family crest Lithospermum Root dark red momokawa gall Gardenia Fruit Termeric kihada hematin cochineal mordant assistant
Indigo dyeing dyehouse indigo plant high mud conk chlor light soda gray stopping agent
Batik print (batik) low *kihakuromokuromitsuro micro wax Mel Tron paraffin quick mask low buttocks writing brush
Persimmon juice paper pattern printing cashew
All chemical dye call die oar & call die hot color stock Ren dye (small bottle, big jar) acrylic cloth paint ant tex me ring color die yl gallane dye alcohol dye buttocks Yasu dye low pass A low pass D low pass F color others
A lot of cloth material handkerchieves noren coaster furoshiki stall luncheon mat selling by piece cloth
A lot of writing brush brush spatula paper pattern lawn Nobuko wringer cashew liquid monogene blue-and-white china pens color stopping carving finished stencil sheet reference books

■Art flower, artificial flower■

I handle the Miyuki art flower.
A lot of a lot of peppu wire, dye, bond, cloth, tube flower tape, omission valve, leaf, iron body, iron ahead, direct copy, Fukayama soil, Tulle bouquet case bouquet stands corsage case, vase, boot near case crepe paper flower paper metal fittings
I sell the rare reference book (I include used goods).

■Cloisonne ware, glass fusing■

A lot of glaze furittomirufioribenechiangarasu copper sheet enamel metal plate line silver foil gold leaf ceraseat obi buckle broach pendant key ring strap tiepin earrings cuff spoon fork bag holder electric furnace (Shirota electric furnace materials company handling) hearth board adhesive kurahoseseramaka materials et al.

■Leathercraft, leather crafts■

Seiwa, the Kyoshin L Craft handling
A lot of carved seal tool leather sewing thread race composition lining interlining pigeon machine Japanese hawfinch spring hook magnet jumper button dagusenryokokazai oil half-finished goods cowhide yumpie pig leather floor leather straight leather fastener concho buckle vice-material assistants et al.

■Embroidery embroidery race■

MARIYA original embroidery kit (sexagenary cycle, festival, animal, flower and others)
French DMC company embroidery thread 5, 25, 8.12 turn, tapestry wool, DIAMANT, linen horsefly loader and others embroidery cloth embroidery kit
Danish OOE company filament fureme 
doitsutsuwaiguaruto ZWEIGART embroidery cloth
Olympus Corporation kogin sewing embroidery kit
Cosmo quilting thread embroidery kit
Russian Rio squirrel RIOLIS embroidery kit
Ainu embroidery bobinresutatinguresuhadanga embroidery cross-stitching needlepoint Battenburg lace
Cut scissors needle frame vice-material reference book design tapestry parts color number conversion list et al.
Tulip needle CLOVER 

■Japanese doll high-nose emphasis makeup raised pictures battledore■

I hang kimono-dressed wooden doll sexagenary cycle hina doll doll for the Boy's Festival yuzen cloth of gold cloth crepe snacks work and hang a decoration bunch braided cord having roots lily yarn colored paper strip of paper colored paper and decorate it for screen doll accessory mask black stand glasscase plastic case paper-covered mantel washer bell battledore New Year holidays 

■Accessories parts, metal fittings■

Key ring hatpin three pinball chain ring ring pendant pasting up katsurahitongiboshi discount ring glasses flagging down ribbon flagging down clasp strap shawl pin washer leather lace gohihei string broach pin 9 pin T pin tie tack earrings pierced earrings-maru ring pasting up Vatican obi buckle necklace chain magnet broach stand shower metal fittings
Please consult about repair, a reform

During HP editing, there is the field of other majority handling now

Each reference book Japanese book foreign book Kaga thimble, rattan rattan wool felt tulip Hiroshima needle Japanese paper color work gloves macrame lacing mall dried flower dry leaf nut pinecone lease materials one of a kind gift (ornament, letter paper of sky flight mobile, bricks) spangles Styrofoam ball varnish clay American flower liquid 
Besides, I am handled in various ways in the first floor of to々 and 2 underground floors.

In addition, industrial arts materials collecting handling is plurally granted

Japanese paper, Japanese paper with colored figures, origami


Dried flower

Even her barium is popular. There is the lavender for the potpourri from Furano, too.

Natural material

Nut pinecone acorn leaf New Year's festive bamboo twigs hung with cakes and talismans

Tighten lease materials; decoration materials


Unique gift

The toy mobile rare article color color that feels nostalgic for the ornament of Saburo Oguro bricks

Basket knitting, rattan rattan

Circle rattan, skin rattan, bagobago raffia craft band alcohol dye, wood wool
3-3, Kita-1-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
MARIYA handicrafts shop
Authority of relation in front of 3-3, Kita-1-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido clock tower
TEL. 011-221-3307
FAX. 011-232-0393
1. ■Handicrafts, crafts materials sale■
2. ■Gallery administration for rent■
3. ■Handicrafts classroom, crafts classroom■
4. ■Import and sales of overseas handicrafts■
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